airVet 24/7 Pet Care, from Anywhere

24/7 pet care, from anywhere! airVet enables pet parents like you to have a video call with us  on demand to get the help and advice you need right when you need it.

Start a video call, send a message, attach a photo or video – ask any pet related questions, the more info we have the better we can help. Medical issues, behavioral questions, or just general pet advice from the most trusted source – use airVet.

Being a pet parent can be confusing and sometimes scary. What’s a major issue and what isn’t? What requires a vet visit and what’s more of a “leave it alone and keep an eye on it”? Especially after hours – what issues should be taken seriously enough to go to a 24-hour emergency and what can wait until the next day to go see your vet?

Make sure airVet is your first line of defense before making any major and costly decision about your pet’s health. We are standing by and ready to help you.



Here are the steps to get started:
1. Download the app by tapping on one of the icons above
2. Enter code CAH2019 on the first screen after opening the app
3. Select Conyers Animal Hospital  as your home hospital when prompted
4. Select your primary veterinarian from the list
5. Start a call and test it out!

If you’ve already downloaded airVet and made a call, we would love to hear from you. Share your thoughts using the following link – Feedback Form